Jacobstow Community Primary School
Aims & Vision


It is our aim that…

     through  challenge  our children will achieve  the necessary skills to face the challenges of the future and live independently knowing how to make the most of the opportunities afforded to them

 by offering a secure and caring environment which nurtures their physical, emotional and spiritual well being they are enabled to lead happy and healthy lives

 our children will develop an enjoyment for learning and take pleasure and pride in their achievements

 our children will respect and value decision making processes and become self confident, active and responsive members of their communities

 our children will see new experiences as an adventure, developing a curiosity and excitement for learning that creates independent thinkers 


we challenge our children to work their hardest to achieve their best so that they have choices in their futures 

we want our children to see education as an exciting adventure to be experienced as a journey through which they grow

we encourage our children to respect the values of others and to treat everyone in the way in which they wish to be treated 

we want our children to enjoy their learning, their friendships and develop their physical wellbeing whilst being part of their school community 

we offer an environment where all children can feel safe and cared for about preparing our children for their place in the world of the future.