(All Governors can be contacted through school)

Our Safeguarding Governor is Miss Jo Marriott if you have any concerns about the care, safety or wellbeing of any of our children you can contact her by phone, on the number listed below. 


The Management of the school is the responsibility of the School Governors.

Governors are nominated or elected to serve a four-year term of office.

Approved minutes of Governors’ meetings are published in the school notice board or are available on request from the school office.



                                                                                                                    Term of             Term of

                                                                                                                     Office Starts     Office Ends

1 Governor appointed by the L.A.

 Miss Jo Marriott    Tel 01566 781821                                                            03/02/15           02/02/19


 Head Teacher (Ex-0fficio)

Mrs Mikaela Rofe         

Jacobstow School,

Jacobstow, Bude. EX23 0BR

 Tel: 01840 230337


2 Governors elected by the Staff

Mrs Emma Sheridan    Tel: 01840 230337                                                         18/04/18          17/04/22

Mrs Helena South - Vice Chair      Jacobstow School                                        22/09/15           21/09/19


1 Governor elected by the Bude Communities’ Schools’ Foundation Trust 

Mr John Osborne       Tel: 01840 230354                                                           28/02/15           27/02/19


 5 Governors elected by the Parents

Ms Naomi West           Tel: 01840 230595        

Mr Lee Robertson       Tel: 01840 230990                                                            07/11/15          06/11/19

Mrs Rachel Wren        Tel: 01840 230908                                                           22/09/15           21/09/19

Miss Nadine Wosnitzka                                                                                       24/02/18          23/02/22



4 Co-opted

Mr Richard Heard     Tel:  01840 230219                                                          01/11/2016       31/10/20

Mrs Annie Robinson    Tel:  01840 230584                                                       31/10/16         31/10/20

Mr Alan Zoeftig                                                                                                   

Mr N Osborne  - Chair of Governors  Tel:  01840 230592                             26/06/2016        06/2020 Stood down as Chair 30/10/18


Clerk to Governors

Mrs H Dipper              

File icon: pdf Governor Minutes February 2018 [pdf 251KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Governor Minutes May 2018 [pdf 268KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Governor Minutes July 2018 [pdf 410KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Governor Minutes July 2017 [pdf 317KB] Click to download