The school is committed to ensuring that it achieves good or better value for money in all areas of its administration.

The majority of the budget is spent on staffing aiming to provide the best quality teaching and learning. 

The Preschool has to be financially self sufficient so that it has no impact upon the main school budget.

Pupil Premium

Nationally it is recognised that children from disadvantage backgrounds do not make the same levels of attainment and progress as other children. The aim of the Pupil Premium Grant is to provide schools with extra funding to support disadvantaged children to make, at least, the same levels of attainment and progress as their peers.

Free School Meals/ Pupil Premium:

For further information and to apply for Free School Meals/ Pupil Premium, follow these links to the Cornwall Council Website:

Free School Meals Information

Free School Meals for Key Stage 1

Cornwall Council: Online Application Form for Free School Meals and Pupil Premium


Main barriers to education achievement faced by pupil premium children in our school.

  • rural isolation leading to lack of broad and varied experiences 
  • lack of aspiration driven by isolation and lack of experience
  • limited finances to support involvement in wider opportunities available to broaden experiences
  • family break up and its impact on social and emotional development
  • Mixed aged classes delivering a single year group curriculum requiring additional staffing to support those who require it.




Sports Premium

Sports Premium is allocated to all Primary Schools to develop physical activity programmes for all children.

At Jacobstow Primary School we are committed to inclusive access to all sports and physical activities for all of our children.  There is a programme of physical education provision of 2 hour lessons weekly in each class.

Theses lessons are delivered by the class teachers and sports coaches with more specialist skills.  

Each day all children are included in either a daily walk of approximately 3/4 of a mile or a dance based activity, first thing each morning.

There are climbing frames and a range of play ground equipment designed to encourage children into purposeful physical activity during the daily breaks in learning.  

We also promote physical activity through after school sports clubs, involvement in locally provided competitions and sports taster events, area and regional sports festivals as well as gardening and forest school activities in and around school.

For those children with specific needs and who may not be able to fully engage in some of the more strenuous activities there are more specialist activities such as yoga matched to their needs or adaptions to events to encourage their inclusion.

Our sports premium money is used to facilitate the provision in school and the participation in the wider activities on offer.  We believe that physical activities take many different forms and use our funding to develop awareness of this principle.