The school is committed to ensuring that it achieves good or better value for money in all areas of its administration.

The majority of the budget is spent on staffing aiming to provide the best quality teaching and learning. 

The Preschool has to be financially self sufficient so that it has no impact upon the main school budget.

Pupil Premium

Nationally it is recognised that children from disadvantage backgrounds do not make the same levels of attainment and progress as other children. The aim of the Pupil Premium Grant is to provide schools with extra funding to support disadvantaged children to make, at least, the same levels of attainment and progress as their peers.

Free School Meals/ Pupil Premium:

For further information and to apply for Free School Meals/ Pupil Premium, follow these links to the Cornwall Council Website:

Free School Meals Information

Free School Meals for Key Stage 1

Cornwall Council: Online Application Form for Free School Meals and Pupil Premium

The pupil premium allocation for 2016/17 is £29,177.

Main barriers to education achievement faced by pupil premium children in our school.

  • rural isolation leading to lack of broad and varied experiences 
  • lack of aspiration driven by isolation and lack of experience
  • limited finances to support involvement in wider opportunities available to broaden experiences
  • family break up and its impact on social and emotional development
  • Mixed aged classes delivering a single year group curriculum requiring additional staffing to support those who require it.


The  Pupil Premium Grant  for the financial year 2015/16 was £19,800 and was spent on:

  • Funding TA support to provide small group intervention £6000
  • Funding for class based TA to support inclusion £6000
  • Support for children to attend additional activities, residential visits and events £1500
  • Additional services support    £2500
  • Transport costs £500
  • Educational Psychology services £1000
  • Welfare payments £500

Impact of this funding was:

  • Support from additional services has improved self esteem & behaviour in school resulting in improved end of year assessment for all children.
  • Support from targeted TA interventions has increased independent working & improved behaviour resulting in a more positive attitude to learning.
  • Pupil premium children have been able to go on residential visits and school trips at no cost and this significantly raises self esteem and a sense of inclusion.
  • Children with speech and language difficulties have been supported with specialist interventions.

Sports Premium

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