Wizard of Oz - We had an amazing afternoon of live theatre with a production of the Wizard of Oz performed by 4 very energetic and clever actors who took on all of the roles we expect from the Wizard of Oz.


Graffiti Classics - This group of professional muscians where the perfect way to engage and educate the children in the delights of classical music. All were enthralled by their skill and performance.


Songfest - Mrs Russell was proud and privileged to accompany the 15 children from Blue and Green Base, who made up the school choir, to the Songfest concert at The Parkhouse Centre on Friday evening.  The children worked incredibly hard to learn the music and words to 11 folk songs and it was a delightful evening. They sang beautifully as part of a choir of children from 5 local primary schools.  Cerys, Elowen and Yvie also played their instruments as part of an instrumental piece played on the night.  Well done to everybody