Sport Relief Sponsored Walk

Jacobstow School & Sport Relief 3 miles. The children at Jacobstow Primary school held a 3+ mile sponsored walk on Friday 21 March to raise money for Sport Relief & school funds. It was a wet, muddy and cold experience but achieved with determination and a sense of fun by all the children and lots of their parents. We raised over £500 half will go to Sport Relief and the rest towards updating our playground areas.

Thank you to everyone in the local community who supported us.

Woolley Jumpers

It was ‘Timmy Time’ for Jacobstow Preschool to raise money for Sport Relief by being Woolly Jumpers.  The children have been learning about children in Ghana who are the same age as them and have to work each day. They were keen to raise money to help them go to school.  So wearing woolly clothing or bringing along woolly toys, they were challenged to jump as far as they could, as high as they could, as many times as they could and round a jumping obstacle course.  The children were very enthusiastic with some managing 81 jumps in 30 seconds!  They made sheep masks to wear and got stickers for each event they achieved.  All the children managed to complete the challenge and raised £142.50 to be split between Sport Relief and towards a porch to go over the entrance to the preschool.