School Contact Details

Jacobstow Community Primary School & Preschool

Head teacher:           Mrs Mikaela Rofe

Chair of Governors:   Miss Jo Marriott

SENCO                      Mrs Mikaela Rofe

Designated Teacher for Child Protection   Mrs Mikaela Rofe - Mrs Jo Maudsley

Address:                   Jacobstow Primary School
                                EX23 0BR


Telephone:         01840 230337


School Secretary  Mrs Penny Maloney



Initial contact with the school will be made through the office to Mrs Penny Maloney, school secretary.

Parents of children in school should contact  the school office about administrative details or their child's class teacher about their child's education.  Mrs Russell, head teacher, is available for parents to drop in first thing most mornings and any changes to this are indicated on the weekly school newsletter.


Should you require information published on the school website in paper form, it will be supplied free of charge from the school office.